About the European Biometrics Group

The European Biometrics Group (EBG) is an indepent company providing services in the area of biometrics and identity management. Its activities encompass consulting, education and testing. Located in The Netherlands, it operates throughout Europe, being commissioned by both government bodies and industries.

Its consultants are all seasoned European biometrics experts in the fields of finance, law, business administration and technology. In addition, EBG has a well established network of partnership organisations in a number of European countries. EBG -formerly known as Biometric Expertise Group- maintains close connections to the European Commission and European organisations, projects and networks.


Currently a lot of large scale biometric projects are being developed and implemented. However, a lot of uncertainties remain when it comes to the projected performance and return on investement. Performance not only means speed and accuracy, but also the operational costs and benefits, ergonomics, privacy and data protection issues, exception handling, vendor (in-)dependency, integration efforts and costs of ownership. In addition, independent testing is still in an early stage and the biometrics market is consolidating. So knowledgeable and experienced people are the key factor to success. EBG has access to all the necessary resources to turn a biometric project or business into a success and is able to deliver those resources throughout Europe.